Open Call ///

Composers and sound artists are invited to apply for the DAR Residency program, which involves students of the LMTA (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre) contemporary music and improvisation program under supervision of composer Vykintas Baltakas.

The duration of residency is 14 days, September 16-30, 2018 (DAR, Druskininkai); residents will receive a €400 one-time scholarship and covered travel expenses (up to €200).  Composers and sound artists are invited to submit their works that have not yet been performed as well as ideas for new compositions for following instrumental arrangements:


Flute, saxophone, tuba, viola, and 2 perc. (Drum set*)

Flute, saxophone, tuba, viola

Flute, saxophone, viola (1 perc.*)

Flute, saxophone, tuba (1 perc.*)

Flute, viola, tuba, (1 perc.*)

Viola, tuba, (1 perc.*)


* base drum, snare drum, tom toms and cymbals (ride, crash, hihat). Additional instruments can be added: cowbells, woodblocks, gongs, china cymbals, shakers.

Percussion players are pecialized in improvisation.

DAR residency cooperates with the LMTA contemporary music performance program and focuses on creative and educational space. For this purpose, participants of the residency are second year master students of the LMTA contemporary music performance and improvisation program under supervision of Vykintas Baltakas. The musicians will perform pieces composed by openly called Lithuanian and foreign resident composers. Resident composers, sound artists and student performers, while working together, will practically achieve deeper understanding of creative processes and specifics of performance, thus experiencing a true bond between performer and composer.

Composers of newly created or first-time performed pieces will work together with students under supervision of Vykintas Baltakas at the Druskininkai Art Residence on September 22-30. Completed pieces will be presented to the audience in church in Druskininkai on September 30th, and selected pieces will be presented in Vilnius, LMTA festival "Ged42", in December.



After applications have been submitted, four candidates will be selected by DAR board. Residents will be given free accommodation for their creative activities and living, as well as administrative and tutorial assistance. Artists should take care of their health insurance.


In order to benefit from the possibility of exchanging residency, composers and sound artists are invited to submit applications; in one PDF document in English or Lithuanian. Application form contains:



- CV;

- a sketch of a work that will be created by the resident composer and performed by students of LMTA, or the score of a piece already created but not yet performed;

- creative portfolio: up to 10 audio links, photos or videos that should be numbered; sound pieces should be provided in mp3 and pictures in jpg formats. Add reviews from media and exhibition catalogues if there are any.

Applications are expected until June 30 by email: [email protected]

The residency is partially supported by Lithuanian Culture Council and the Nordic Culture Point.